a little about me:

I've been an information technology professional in higher education for over twenty years, providing support for university faculty and staff with varying levels of comfort and expertise with technology; rather than simply providing technical support, my role has typically been to build and maintain relationships with departmental faculty and staff. After moving into a much more technical (and much less customer-focused) position, I began to reconsider the direction of my career, and came to the realization that I’m really not interested in technology simply for the sake of technology; it’s the way in which people USE that technology that brings it to life for me. What I have enjoyed the most about being an IT professional in higher education is working in the space where technology and people meet, helping people to use technology effectively (and sometimes creatively) in support of education.

As a result, I began working on an M.Ed. in Learning, Design, and Technology in the University of Georgia’s Instructional Design and Development program as the first step towards shifting my career focus from information technology to instructional design and technology. Although I had originally planned to complete my Master’s program before making that transition, my position at Emory was eliminated in September, so I’ve decided to go ahead and find a position doing the kind of work that I’m truly passionate about.

At this point, I have only two more semesters to finish in order to complete my Master’s program; I have developed a solid foundation in instructional design, with substantial knowledge of learning theories, motivational and instructional strategies, 3D virtual learning environments, and concepts and techniques of gamification and game-based learning. I’ve become proficient with using Captivate to create interactive learning, and acquired some basic familiarity with HTML, Dreamweaver, and WordPress. I spent the first part of the summer learning the basics of video production, and the second part as our team's project manager for my project management class (developing an interactive online quest for the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University). I’m looking forward to expanding on my knowledge and experience in the final two semesters of the program.


This web site is a portfolio of my work in the IDD program (along with some examples of my work in the University of Washington's Virtual Worlds Certificate Program, which I completed immediately prior to starting the IDD program). Please feel free to contact me with feedback or for more information.